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Internationally known potter and sculptor Carlos Dowling

Works of Clay

Carlos Dowling knew from a very young age that his hands were made to work with clay. In his early teens he apprenticed under the late Canadian sculptor, Bylee Lang. The impact of this early training is evident in his work to this day.

Carlos Dowling’s Sarah “Sally” Bassett, an enslaved woman executed by the Bermuda government in 1730.

While clients in Virginia know him for his clay pottery, people around the world know him for his sculptures. Dowling considers himself a sculptor first. He was commissioned to create the ASPCA crest at the national headquarters in New York City. The Government of Bermuda commissioned him to create a 12 foot, 1200 ton bronze sculpture. Those are just two notable pieces of work.

A Splash of Color

You can see Dowling’s work on the set of Sisterhood of the Second Act. The art on the walls of the set and the books on the shelves are original works by women artists, with the exception of the pottery. Dowling lent us his work and as you will see it adds a splash of color. All the art and the pottery are for sale. You can learn more about the other artists, Leah Coffman and Susan McLaren by clicking their names.

And you can watch the unedited version of Dowling creating the perfect vase on our YouTube Channel. It only took him three and a half minutes to create that perfect vase you saw in the feature video above. Be sure to subscribe to see all of our features.

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