clay pottery meet the artist carlos dowling

Meet the Artist: Carlos Dowling

Works of Clay Carlos Dowling knew from a very young age that his hands were made to work with clay. In his early teens he apprenticed under the late Canadian sculptor, Bylee... Read more »
horses new moon network

Meet the Artist: Leah Coffman

The Art of Horses Meet Leah Coffman.  She rediscovered an old love, painting, and turned it into a second act. Nature is one of Leah’s great influences. Animals both wild and domesticated... Read more »
Home Repair Solutions new moon network
African Amerian Sisterhood of the Second Act

Season 2 Episode 12: African American History/Virginia Artists

African American History Roanoke is rich in African American history. Still it is a mostly hidden history. The Harrison Museum Of African American Culture is working to change that. Long time volunteer... Read more »
New Episodes Sisterhood of the Second Act

Season 2 of Sisterhood of the Second Act

New episodes start October 24, 2021 New episodes will continue to be broadcast on Fox Radio Roanoke, 104.3 FM and 910 AM in Roanoke, Virginia, as well as on our Facebook page... Read more »

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