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Santa Stories: Santa’s North Pole Nap

It takes a lot of energy for Santa to make that speedy trip around the world on Christmas Eve. So a nap is always in order. It’s time to wake him up,... Read more »
Snow Santa stories New Moon network

Santa Stories: A Snow Measuring Stick

Santa’s Snow Measuring Stick: Everyone has tools they use for work. Students have pencils, paper, books and computers, doctors have a stethoscope, a face mask and computers too. Well you know Santa... Read more »
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Santa's Reindeer New Moon Network

Santa Stories: A Chat With Santa

How fast do Santa’s reindeer fly? Hint it’s faster than the fastest jet. What cookie do he and Mrs. Claus love? What types of toys do his elves make? Santa answers those... Read more »
Santa The Night Before Christmas

Santa Stories: Santa reads “The Night Before Christmas”

Santa reads the iconic “The Night Before Christmas,” and adds a few tidbits of his own. Read more »
Starr Hill New Moon Network Roots2Rock

Erin Lunsford at Starr Hill Roanoke Pilot Brewery & Side Stage

The Starr Hill Pilot Brewery & Side Stage in Roanoke is the site of the very first Roots2Rock. The show features the powerhouse vocals of Erin Lunsford. Erin has since released a... Read more »
Jazz Lenny MArcus New Moon Network

Jazz from the Lenny Marcus Trio

Jazz on Roots2Rock Lenny Marcus caught the Jazz bug at home.  He learned from the best at a very early age.  Marcus’ mom played upright bass and his dad played piano.  They... Read more »
Streaming Entertainment

The Thrillbillyz on Roots2Rock

Front man Kerry Hurley started The Thrillbillyz in the early 1990s when he was living in Southern California. He envisioned a group that had no musical boundaries. The result is music with... Read more »

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