ancestry and genealogy sisterhood of the second act

Season 3 Episode 13: Finding your ancestors/Choosing the best CBD products

Ancestry and Genealogy Ancestry and genealogy research can bring our pasts to life it can also uncover some unsavory items from our family history. Darlene Smithwick has taken that journey into the... Read more »
Sisterhood of the second act shingles

Season 3 Episode 12: Vaccinations who needs them/Affordable Housing

Shingles and Pneumonia Vaccinations As we age our immune system may weaken opening the door to illnesses such as shingles or pneumonia. Both have vaccinations that can help prevent the conditions. Dr... Read more »
Home Repair Solutions new moon network
Alheimer's Disease Sisterhood of the Second Act

Season 3 Episode 11: Living with Alzheimer’s/Virginia Farm to Keg Brewery

More than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s and one in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association leads the way in Alzheimer’s care, support and research.... Read more »
adoption Sisterhood of the Second Act

Season 3 Episode 10 The Healing Power of Pets/Bringing Hope to Children in Need

Adopting four-legged family members Thinking of adopting a four-legged family member. Your local animal shelter is ready to welcome your visit. Before you head out the door watch this episode of Sisterhood... Read more »
Brain injury Sisterhood of the Second Act

Season 3 Episode 9 Helping those impacted by brain injury/Dictionary of VA Biography

There’s a new brain injury every 21 seconds in the United States. Brain injury can be sudden and traumatic—the result of a fall or an accident—or it can go unrecognized until unexplained... Read more »
Leadership Sisterhood of the Second Act

Season 3 Episode 8 Joyce Waugh on Leadership/Volunteer Libby Wilcox Beautifies the Blue Ridge

Joyce Waugh has been leading the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce for more than two decades. Under her leadership the region has continued to thrive during difficult times. Retiree Libby Wilcox has... Read more »
body type sisterhood of the second act

Sisterhood of the Second Act S3 Ep 7: Dressing for your body type/Avoiding scams

Looking your fabulous is as simple as wearing the colors that look best on you and the styles that suit your body type. Image consultant Beth Garrett helps her clients do just... Read more »
Huntington's Disease Sisterhood of the Second Act

Season 3 Episode 6 Woman Suffrage & What is Huntington’s Disease

Women received the right to vote in Virginia in 1920.  You may have heard of the Woman Suffrage Movement. Women in each state had to fight for their rights and that includes... Read more »
functional medicine Sisterhood of the Second Act

Season 3 Episode 5: Functional & Integrative Medicine/Feeding Virginia’s Hungry

Functional and Integrative medicine treat the underlying problems of patients not just the symptoms. Dr. Alicia Hollis explains these modalities. Thousands of Virginia Children are at risk of losing meals programs that... Read more »
caregiver sisterhood of the second act

Season 3 Episode 4: Finding funding for long term care/Care for the caregivers

Care giving is stressful. If you are caring for aging parents or a spouse no doubt you have learned long term care is expensive. More and more of us are taking on the... Read more »

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