S5 Episode 10: Social Trust Steadily Declining/Sensory Gardens Help Memory Loss

Memory loss Sisterhood of the Second Act New Moon Network
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Sensory gardens help memory loss patients connect with others and social trust has been declining since the 1970s

Memory Loss Patients Benefit From Sensory Gardens

Memory loss Sisterhood of the Second Act New Moon Network

Sensory gardens are made up more than plants. The new addition at Brandon Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Care Center has wind chimes, colorful murals, fragrant plants and numerous tactile experiences. The experiences benefits their residents who are experiencing memory loss, most of whom are women.

According to Brandon Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Administrator Natalie Wynegar and Julee Goodman Director of Development for Virginia Lutheran Homes 82% of their memory care residents are women. Nationally two-thirds of memory care patients are women. Wynegar and Goodman say this unique garden helps their residents reconnect with family members and help caregivers offer new experiences during treatment. Visitors and caregivers can use activity boxes to help memory loss patients communicate. These experiences can be especially beneficial when family visits because it offers a new way to connect with loved ones.

Brandon Oaks hired a landscape architect with experience in developing sensory gardens to install their green space. On this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act learn how they developed the space to meet the personalities and preference of their residents.

Virginia Trust Index

Memory loss Sisterhood of the Second Act New Moon Network

Roanoke College’s Institute for Policy and Opinion Research has released its numbers on the Virginia Trust Index for the first time. The Institute has been gathering this data since 2017 and decided to release the data now because now “there was a story to tell.” The Virginia Trust Index rebounded slightly in August 2023 from its lowest point since Roanoke College started gathering this data. The modest increase ended a multi-year decline in trust. Dr. Alice Kassens is a senior analyst. She explains the numbers and why social trust is important to every aspect of our lives.

Social trust refers to trust in other members of society. Dr. Kassens, an economist, says the level of trust in a society strongly predicts economic success and is an important aspect of civic culture. It is positively linked to outcomes such as health, happiness, and entrepreneurship, which are associated with economic growth. Learn more on this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

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Show Notes

Brandon Oaks Sensory Garden

Alzheimer’s Association

Memory Loss: When to seek Help

Roanoke College Institute for Policy and Opinion Research

Virginia Trust Index

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