S5 Episode 1: History’s Witness/Grace & Grit Lessons Learned

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Waynette Anderson is full of grit and determination and has it turns out a lot of grace too. The multi-business owner has turned a vacant lot into her community’s favorite music venue. Now as a motivational speaker she is sharing what she has learned over the years through her speaking series, Grace & Grit.
Wallace Carroll witnessed the most important historical events of the 20th Century and influenced governments with his words. Award winning author Mary Llewellyn McNeil, captured her mentor’s humility, excellence and ethics in Century’s Witness: The Extraordinary Life of Journalist Wallace Carroll.

History’s Witness

motivational Speaker sisterhood of the second act

Wallace Carroll had a knack for being where history happened. The Wisconsin native traveled the world seeking the truth to share with readers back home in the states. He knew heads of states, royalty and everyday people and he was trusted by all of them.

Mary Llewellyn McNeil had no idea her journalism professor at Wake Forest University was behind newspaper articles that would help persuade the United States to enter World War II. He watch as Germany bombers devastated London and readers read his first hand accounts across the United States.

After Mary retired from The World Bank, a consulting job led her to London. The history major picked up a book on World War II and found her former professors name mentioned throughout its pages. That set her on a journey to chronicle his life and remind us what journalism is supposed to be.

Grace & Grit

motivational speaker sisterhood of the second act

Motivational speaking was never on Waynette Anderson’s radar. She worked in radio, TV, sales and marketing and the road has led her to Grace & Grit, a series of motivational talks to help inspire and education anyone with a goal in mind.

The multi-business owner runs a successful music venue and event planning business. Dr. Pepper Park was just a vacant lot before Waynette got her hands on it. Now it is a successful outdoor venue. It took years and a lot of hurdles but through Grace and Grit Dr. Pepper Park became a reality.

Meet Mary and Waynette on this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

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Show Notes

Mary Llewellyn McNeil Century’s Witness: The Extraordinary Live of Journalist Wallace Carroll

Waynette Anderson Grace & Grit

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