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Putting on a new face in community theater and taking the Bottled in Bedford Trail

This episode of Sisterhood of the Second Act is all about fun whether it is going to a play or being a part of one through community theater or sampling a craft beverage on the Bottled in Bedford Trail. We meet a theater veteran and a winemaker on the season finale of season five.

Community Theater

Trina Yancey Attic Productions Board Member

Attic Productions has been entertaining the Roanoke region for decades. People of all ages have been performing, building sets and attending the productions put on by the all volunteer company. Trina Yancey says she happiest when involved in one of Attic Productions plays. It does not matter what her role is: director, actor, lighting coordinator or set building, it is all a source of joy.

A recent Attic “Productions performance of the musical Oliver

The community theater has taken on ambitions projects including dramas, murder mysteries and musicals. Want to be performers of all ages are encouraged to audition. The productions get rave reviews and yes that is because there is a time commitment involved. What the performers and stage hands get in return is new friendships and a sense of accomplishment. Attic Productions board member Trina Yancey shares her experiences on this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

Craft Beverages

The vines of Fables & Feathers Winery in Bedford County, VA

Genny Luedtke is inviting you to her place. She is one of the owners of Fables & Feathers Winery in Bedford County, Virginia. The family owned business offers a unique motif in a beautiful setting and it is a part of The Bottled in Bedford Trail. The trails is Destination Bedford’s effort to promote the growing number of the county’s craft beverage makers.

The Luedtkes found the Virginia winery for sale in 2020. Genny, her husband, Adam, and in-laws Pam and Tom, decided to make the move south from Illinois and start this new adventure.

Fables & Feathers Winery offers a wide variety of wines using what is grown on their property with some sourced grapes as well. Genny lends her artistic vision to the business by designing all the wine labels. Genny talks about the wine they offer and what you can experience when you visit their picturesque winery in our second interview of this episode.

Sisterhood of the Second Act on the New Moon Network

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Show Notes

Attic Productions

Fables & Feathers Winery

Bottled in Bedford Trail

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