real estate investing sisterhood of the second act

Season 2 Episode 8: Real Estate investing and Feeding people with The Gift of Soup

Women are under represented in real estate investing. Mortgage banker Getra Hanes gives us some tips on how to invest safely. Debbie Maurer has hiked and bike the world with her husband.... Read more »
wprld champion wakeboarder sisterhood of the second act

Season 2 Episode 7: Menopause,Your Questions Answered and World Champion Wakeboarder

Every woman goes through menopause, still there are plenty of questions that need to be answered. Tara Wickline-Stone is a Family Nurse Practitioner with LewisGale Physicians. She joins host Kathy Heberle to... Read more »
Home Repair Solutions new moon network
santa New Moon Network

Santa Stories: Santa’s North Pole Nap

It takes a lot of energy for Santa to make that speedy trip around the world on Christmas Eve. So a nap is always in order. It’s time to wake him up,... Read more »
Santa's Sleigh Snow Santa stories New Moon network

Santa Stories: A Snow Measuring Stick

Santa’s Snow Measuring Stick: Everyone has tools they use for work. Students have pencils, paper, books and computers, doctors have a stethoscope, a face mask and computers too. Well you know Santa... Read more »
Santa's Reindeer New Moon Network

Santa Stories: A Chat With Santa

How fast do Santa’s reindeer fly? Hint it’s faster than the fastest jet. What cookie do he and Mrs. Claus love? What types of toys do his elves make? Santa answers those... Read more »
Santa The Night Before Christmas

Santa Stories: Santa reads “The Night Before Christmas”

Santa reads the iconic “The Night Before Christmas,” and adds a few tidbits of his own. Read more »
winemakers sisterhood of the second act

Season 2 Episode 6: Virginia Mountain Vineyards and She’s International Boutique

While there are not many female winemakers in the industry the number is growing. Jacqui Sobieski co-owner of Virginia Mountain Vineyards talks grapes and chemistry. Diane Speaks fell in love with international... Read more »
osteoporosis sisterhood of the second act

Season 2 Episode 5: Your osteoporosis questions answered/Trailblazing journalist

On this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act, host Kathy Heberle talks with physician assistant Laurie Beth Moyer about how to prevent osteoporosis and how to treat it. Sandra Brown Kelly... Read more »
lynda mcnutt foster sisterhood of the second act

Season 2 Episode 4: Lynda McNutt Foster/Stephanie Klein-Davis

How do you define success? International business coach Lynda McNutt Foster helps us do that. Stephanie Klein-Davis was one of the first female news photographers in the Roanoke Valley. Her story and... Read more »
alpacas sisterhood of the second act

Season 2 Episode 3:Women pool resources impacting community/5th generation farmer turns to alpacas

When 100+ women join forces a lot of good can happen and a unusual furry animal helps keep a fifth generation family farm in business. In this edition of Sisterhood of the... Read more »

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