S4 Episode 13: Patient Centered Care/Story of Triumph, Chief Chanel Speaks

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From 17 year old cadet to an assistant chief of police and patient centered care, direct primary care puts patients first

Direct Primary Care

direct primary care sisterhood of the second act
Dr. Christy Arthur owns The Center for Ultra Primary Care Center with her husband

Have you ever felt like a number at the doctor’s office? Maybe you felt you were not heard, that the doctor just glanced over your chart. You are not a lone and even doctors are frustrated by the number of patients they are required to see a day. Dr. Christy Arthur had 3,000 patients when she worked with Carilion. She longed for a deeper connection with her patients so she and her husband started a direct primary care practice.

On this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act Dr. Arthur explains how it works, how it is different than what you are used to and why she feels it is best for her patients.

Chief Chanel Speaks

direct primary care sisterhood of the second act
From17-year-old police cadet and future assistant chief of police

It has been quite a journey from the 9 year old girl who dreamed of being a police officer to the woman who retired as an assistant chief of police in our nation’s capitol. Chanel Dickerson overcame sexual abuse and vicarious trauma from growing up in an impoverished and violent community.

Chanel climbed the ranks of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). And during most of her time with the MPD she was the highest ranking female officer. We talked with her from her office in Washington, DC. She talks about how she navigated the mostly male police force and why she started her business, Chief Chanel Speaks, as her second act.

Chief Chanel’s story on this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act

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Dr. Christy Arthur

Chief Chanel Dickerson

Cabi Fashions

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