Starr Hill New Moon Network Roots2Rock

Erin Lunsford at Starr Hill Roanoke Pilot Brewery & Side Stage

The Starr Hill Pilot Brewery & Side Stage in Roanoke is the site of the very first Roots2Rock. The show features the powerhouse vocals of Erin Lunsford. Erin has since released a... Read more »
colors sisterhood of the second act

Life Changing Colors

The colors you wear can determine what type of first impression you make.  They can make you look older or younger or healthy  or sick.  The impact of color is a powerful... Read more »
Home Repair Solutions new moon network
Norfolk and Western Railway New Moon Network

Roanoke & The Railroad: Riding the Mainline

From the Archives: We reached way back and pulled this one off one of our archive CDs. This is from 2003 commissioned by Cox Communications, it follows Roanoke’s history from a time... Read more »
retirement newmoonnetwork sisterhoodofthesecondact

Retirement, Taxes and Your Income

When you enter your second act retirement funding is always top of mind. That is why Sisterhood of the Second Act host Kathy Heberle talked with Patricia Lucas. Lucas is a Registered... Read more »
Mill Mountain Star New Moon Netwwork

The Making of the Mill Mountain Star

The Mill Mountain Star has become the symbol of the Roanoke Region. It began as a Christmas decoration in the 1940s to inspire holiday shopping. The idea went from inception to fruition... Read more »
Historic Gainsboro New Moon Network

Historic Gainsboro: The impact of Urban Renewal

Roanoke’s Historic Gainsboro dates back to the founding of the Star City.  The neighborhood became a city within the city as its African American residents built a thriving community.  It was self-sustaining,... Read more »
career pivot sisterhood of the second act

Career Pivot Professional

Deb Squire is a Career Pivot Professional.  She has helped thousand of people identify their talents and find enjoyable careers.  In this interview with Kathy Heberle, host of Sisterhood of the Second... Read more »
Jazz Lenny MArcus New Moon Network

Jazz from the Lenny Marcus Trio

Jazz on Roots2Rock Lenny Marcus caught the Jazz bug at home.  He learned from the best at a very early age.  Marcus’ mom played upright bass and his dad played piano.  They... Read more »

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