Trauma Sisterhood of the Second Act

S5 Episode 3: Trauma, A Story of Survival/Treating Trauma

A Survivors Story As a realtor, Lenora Farrington has held dozens of open houses. In June of 2020, the open house she hosted near Smith Mountain Lake became a nightmare. Nothing seemed... Read more »
Natural Burial Sisterhood of the Second Act

S5 Episode 2: Foster Care Changing a Child’s Life/Natural Burial Old Customs Renewed

Children in your community need your help. Since the pandemic the number of families fostering children has declined while the need has increased. What’s old is new again. More and more people... Read more »
Home Repair Solutions new moon network
motivational speaker sisterhood of the second act

S5 Episode 1: History’s Witness/Grace & Grit Lessons Learned

Waynette Anderson is full of grit and determination and has it turns out a lot of grace too. The multi-business owner has turned a vacant lot into her community’s favorite music venue.... Read more »

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