Heart Disease in women sisterhood of the second act

Season 5 Episode 8: Heart Disease in Women/Soul to Goal Guide

Heart Disease in Women More than 40-percent of women in the United States have some form of heart disease. And according to the CDC it is the leading cause of death for... Read more »
self defense sisterhood of the second act

S5 Episode 5: Self-Defense/Articulating your Value

Self Defense Self Defense starts with being aware, aware of where you are, aware of who is around you and aware of what is happening around you. Sgt. Jacquelyn Persiani is a... Read more »
Home Repair Solutions new moon network

S4 Episode 13: Patient Centered Care/Story of Triumph, Chief Chanel Speaks

Direct Primary Care Have you ever felt like a number at the doctor’s office? Maybe you felt you were not heard, that the doctor just glanced over your chart. You are not... Read more »
elder care sisterhood of the second acdt

Season 4 Episode 11: Hacks for Long Term Care/Master Food Volunteer Program

Elder Care Solutions Kimberly Whiter has made education her mission. At first it was is in higher ed. Now she helps clients find solutions for the high cost of elder care. As... Read more »
mind body connection

S4 Episode 10: Untold Stories of Women Making History/Hustle Haven

Untold Stories Great stories seem to fall at Heath Hardage Lee’s feet, or may be it is her curiosity that unlocks these gems. Growing up in Richmond, Heath notice a portrait of... Read more »
real estate Sisterhood of the Second Act

Season 4 Episode 9: Finding a Realtor/Avoiding Scams

Your Local Real Estate Market The warm weather months are here and if you are thinking about selling your home you will want to listen to realtor Monica Nicely. On this edition... Read more »
suddenly single sisterhood of the second act

Season 4 Episode 8: Suddenly Single Finances/Public Health After the Pandemic

Suddenly Single? What happens when you are over 50 and suddenly single? Whether it’s due to a divorce or the death of the spouse, for women the financial implications can be scary.... Read more »
horses new moon network

Meet the Artist: Leah Coffman

The Art of Horses Meet Leah Coffman.  She rediscovered an old love, painting, and turned it into a second act. Nature is one of Leah’s great influences. Animals both wild and domesticated... Read more »
sleep disorders sisterhood of the second act

Season 4 Episode 5: Sleep disorders/Brush your teeth for a healthier life

Sleep disorders Sometimes sleep can be elusive as we age. It can be more difficult to fall asleep and stay there.   Kelly Link is a member of the Virginia Academy of... Read more »
thyroid health sisterhood of the second act new moon network

Season 4 Episode 4: Thyroid Health/Do you need a will?

Thyroid Health It is estimated that 20 million Americans have some kind of thyroid disease.  More than half of those impacted are unaware of their condition. Do you know the symptoms? Fatigue,... Read more »

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