S5 Episode 2: Foster Care Changing a Child’s Life/Natural Burial Old Customs Renewed

Natural Burial Sisterhood of the Second Act
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Children in your community need your help. Since the pandemic the number of families fostering children has declined while the need has increased. What’s old is new again. More and more people are choosing natural burial when it comes time to choose a final resting spot.

Natural Burial Sisterhood of the SEcond Act

Foster Care

DePaul Community Resources and other foster care organizations need your help. The number of children in need is growing while the homes willing to care for them declines. If you have room in your life and love in your heart fostering a child maybe for you. DePaul Community Resources Regional Manager of Foster Care and Independent Living , Melissa Cook details how to become a foster parent and other ways you can help the organization.

Natural Burial

Natural Burial Sisterhood of the SEcond Act
This shroud is made of the loved one’s dresses. More pictures are in the video above

More families are choosing natural burial when it comes time to say good bye to a loved one. It is an environmentally friendly option and is often less expensive. Evergreen Memorial Trust’s Blair Graninger says natural burials often have more family involvement and offer a more intimate experience. For example families sometime choose to carry their loved one to the grave site.

Evergreen Memorial Trust has one of the only natural cemeteries in Virginia. Forest Rest in Boones Mill, is a wooded cemetery. There are no vaults, people are buried in a shroud, which often has special meaning to the family and the loved one, or they are buried in a bio-degradable pine box or wicker basket. It is the only place in southwest Virginia for a natural burial without embalming.

Learn more about natural burial and foster care in this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

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DePaul Community Resources

Forest Rest Natural Cemetery

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