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Front man Kerry Hurley started The Thrillbillyz in the early 1990s when he was living in Southern California. He envisioned a group that had no musical boundaries. The result is music with hints of the blues, southern rock and a lot of Hurley’s love of the region.

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Kerry Hurley

The concept caught on and the band played gig after gig and finally ended up in the recording studio coming away with a four song demo.

Not long after that recording session, Hurley heard the call of the mountains and returned to his hometown of Roanoke, Virginia. The Star City of the South has no shortage of fine musicians and Hurley reconstituted The Thrillbillyz.  That four song demo became the inspiration for the band’s first full length album.

Blues Rock

That first album “Romp” was released in 1994. It contains a little bit of Hurley’s love of home, for example, “Franklin County Moonshine,” and his obsession with the Blues.

We caught up with The Thrillbillyz at Hammer and Forge Brewing Company in Boones Mill, Virginia. Where the band thrilled the crowd with their version of blues music and southern rock. Sign up for our newsletter so you do not miss the next live stream.

What is Roots2Rock on the road?

Our Roots2Rock on the road series is just as it sounds. Our crew packs the gear in the wagon and hits the road to bring you live music streamed on our Facebook page. These live streams come from taprooms, smaller listening rooms and even recording studios. When we say live we mean a multi-camera switched live stream that will immerse viewers into the performance. In addition to music you see interviews with the artists and the people who run our unique venues. Go to the Roots2Rock web site for extra content.

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