Episode 13: Landmark Caretaker/Fighting Dementia by Tackling ADHD&Depression

The Roanoker Sisterhood of the Second act
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The Roanoker Restaurant has been a part of Butch Craft’s life since she was a teenager. It has survived a world war and now a pandemic. The family restaurant has a history of making its employees family. Many stay with the landmark for decades. It is one of the reasons customers keep coming back. They develop a relationship with their server over a good family meal.

The Roanoker Sisterhood of the Second Act
The Roanoke Restaurant has been serving people for 80 years

Some of those employees are characters. For instance the Clarkson sisters, you never knew which one would come into work. They developed many of the recipes still used today, but originally they were not kept in a recipe book. The Clarkson sisters wrote them on the wall of the kitchen! All was almost lost when those recipes were painted over, that is when the owner took it upon himself to follow the sisters around until he had written down every recipe.

Craft talks more with Host Kathy Heberle about what makes the Roanoker so special.

The link between dementia, ADHD & Depression

Amanda Erin Wright found her passion for science at a very young age. Now she is using her degree to help students and their families to deal with depression and ADHD which she says could help stave off Alzheimer’s and other dementia later in life.

Wright founded Creative Genius Solutions which according to the business’ website, “Through assessments, nutritional suggestions, exercises and coaching we help our clients improve their brain function, work best with what they have, recognize their strength and improve upon their weaknesses.”

Through CGS, Wright offers brain health and tutoring, which she says helps build confidence. Learn more in the season one finale of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

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Butch Craft

The Roanoker Restaurant

Amanda Erin Wright

Creative Genius Solutions

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