Episode 7: Simplify Your Life

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From Food Prep to Home Organizing

We are getting back to a fast paced life and who has time to cook or clean. In this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act we help you get back your time, so you can create healthy meals and organize your home so it is a peaceful place to hang your hat after a busy day.

Healthy Meals

Nothing is more important to good health than eating right. Laurel Soderberg is an Independent Sales Consultant with Pampered Chef who started her business almost 23 years ago.  She shares some tips on how to work prepping healthy meals into your schedule so you have good food to eat throughout the busy work week.

Eating healthy just takes some advance planning.

Soderberg says with a little advance planning you can limit your cooking time and still have healthy meals to eat when you come home from work. That means less time in the fast food lines and a healthier family.

Soderberg shares her technique for making sure the refrigerator is stocked with the necessities to create those easy healthy meals in this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

Home Organizing

A cluttered home creates anxiety and is not a happy place to come to after a busy day. You actually loose time looking for keys, the shoes you want to wear, or the garden tool you need to work in the yard.

Ann Custer of WOW Organizing Services, LLC, has helped many regain their sanity by helping them organize their homes.

Custer shares her tricks of the trade with Sisterhood of the Second Act viewers and lets us know it is okay to ask for help. Sometimes it takes an objective, compassionate observer to find a solution to the clutter.

organizing sisterhood of the second act
Before WOW Organizing Services After WOW Organizing Services

Learn more about organizing and easy cleaning solutions in this episode of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

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Sisterhood of the Second Act (SSA) is a production of New Moon Creative Media, LLC for the New Moon Network.  SSA is a lifestyle talk show for women entering a new phase of their lives.  These women may be changing careers.  Retirement might be on the horizon.  They may be caring for elderly parents while raising their own children.  They could also be experiencing an empty nest for the first time in decades.  Whatever their situation, Sisterhood of the Second Act provides trustworthy information they can use to create a joyful, prosperous second act.

Show Notes

Laurel Soderberg https://www.facebook.com/laurel.soderberg


Ann Custer WOW Organizing Services, LLC

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