Episode 1: Following a Good Idea

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Sisterhood of the Second Act host Kathy Heberle talks with two women who are living their dreams. Entrepreneurship prompted Dana Dalton Long to go from a career in auditing and bill collecting to helping her clients find their creative side. Lisa Miller Broyden became an entrepreneur when she saw a need and created a product to meet it.

Long left a career involving numbers and a lot of stress to create art and work with plants.  Through “Let’s Party Creatively” she takes her clients on a creative journey one many feel they are unable to take.

Entrepreneurship sisterhood of the second act
Dana Long pulls out her clients’ creativity

It is one of her greatest joys seeing the look on a client’s face when they turn out a beautiful work of art.   Both she and Lisa Broyden used entrepreneurship to turn great ideas into thriving businesses.

Follow the idea

Lisa Broyden is a healthcare worker.  She noticed many instances both personally and professionally when people were not washing their hands for the needed 20 seconds, that is the length of time needed to kill germs and bacteria. So she envisioned GermZapp.  The high tech device times people washing their hands while walking them through the necessary steps.  You’ll see it in action on this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

entrepreneurship Sisterhood of the second act
Broyden holds the ceremonial check of her Gauntlet winnings

While creating a prototype for GermZapp she won Virginia’s largest business competition, The Gauntlet. Through the Gauntlet she gained the skills necessary for entrepreneurship and has turned her idea into a business.

Both Long and Broyden share the steps they have taken to create businesses they love.

Dana Long https://letspartycreatively.com‚Äč

Lisa Broyden https://washurhands.us/

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Sisterhood of the Second Act is a production of New Moon Creative Media, LLC for the New Moon Network.  SSA is a lifestyle talk show for women entering a new phase of their lives.  These women may be changing careers.  Retirement might be on the horizon.  They may be caring for elderly parents while raising their own children.  They could also be experiencing an empty nest for the first time in decades.  Whatever their situation, Sisterhood of the Second Act provides trustworthy information they can use to create a joyful, prosperous second act.

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