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Re-enactments bring history to life

From the Archives–This episode of Inside the Outside tackles the history of the region. The Booker T. Washington National Monument in Franklin County, Virginia, offers visitors a glimpse into the past.  Trails lead you by the animals that would have lived on the Burroughs Plantation. The trials wind around a heritage garden and the kitchen cabin where Booker T.’s mother cooked for the other slaves and the plantation owners. Park rangers tell the story of the man who was born a slave and died a free man.

Inside the Outside

Booker T Washington New Moon Network Booker T. Washington was a man before his time. He was an adviser to presidents long before the Civil Rights Movement. Washington also worked to create educational opportunities for African Americans, being the first teacher and leader of Tuskegee University was one of his accomplishments. The Booker T. Washington National Monument is a plantation near the actual plantation where Washington was born into slavery. Walk the plantation in this Inside the Outside, then stop at Homestead Creamery for a cone.

Inside the Outside was an outdoor recreation series produced for Cox Communications by our parent company New Moon Creative Media, LLC, to highlight the region’s outdoor destination.

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