Season 3 Episode 5: Functional & Integrative Medicine/Feeding Virginia’s Hungry

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Functional and Integrative medicine treat the underlying problems of patients not just the symptoms. Dr. Alicia Hollis explains these modalities. Thousands of Virginia Children are at risk of losing meals programs that sustained them at the height of the pandemic.

Functional Medicine Explained

Dr. Alicia Hollis

Dr. Alicia Hollis uses functional and integrative medicine to get to the root of medical issues. She does this by taking a detailed, and we mean DETAILED medical history. By not just treating the symptoms, she says she offers patients long lasting good health.

This is not a one and done method. In most cases, Dr. Hollis offers a natural treatment plan which may include new ways of eating, taking supplements and exercise. This new way of life needs to be ongoing for the good health to continue.

Doctor Hollis, has a wide range of experience. For example, she is board certified in internal medicine as well as functional and integrative medicine. She explains to host Kathy Heberle how a functional medicine treatment plan differs from that of internal medicine.

Feeding Southwest Virginia

Pam Irvine has been living Feeding Southwest Virginia’s mission for 41 years. As president and CEO she helped guide the organization through the uncharted territory of the pandemic. Feeding SWVA’s mission is to nourish neighbors, engage community partners, and develop solutions to address food insecurity.

It covers a large portion of Virginia, including the states poorest regions. These are the areas which have lost coal mining and textile jobs. In these rural regions some residents have to drive more than an hour to get to a grocery story. In response, Feeding SWVA, created mobile grocery stores.

Feeding Southwest Virginia warehouse

In 2020 and 2021, when many schools moved to remote learning, the USDA provided schools and charitable children’s feeding programs like Food Banks with a waiver of the requirement for children to consume meals onsite in a congregate setting. These waivers allowed local children’s feeding programs to safely and swiftly distribute food through grab-and-go methods, sometimes enough food for several days.

As a result, Food Banks were able to expand their children’s feeding programs to meet the unprecedented number of kids now living with hunger in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. However, that requirement has since been reinstated leaving thousands of children at risk. You can read more about this issue here.

In this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act, Pam Irvine tells host Kathy Heberle how hunger is still a crisis in Virginia.

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Dr. Alicia Hollis

Feeding Southwest Virginia

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