Season 2 Episode 13: Stories of addiction with Beth Macy and Pam Rickard

addiction sisterhood of the second act
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The Addiction Epidemic

addiction sisterhood of the second act
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Beth Macy shocked readers of the Roanoke Times when she uncovered the rise of heroin addiction in predominantly white suburbs of Roanoke, Virginia. Her reporting traced the rise to the prescription opioid crisis. Years later, she turned the topic into the book Dopesick. Now, Dopesick can be seen on Hulu as a miniseries staring Michael Keaton.

The New York Times Best Selling Author sits down with our Kathy Heberle to talk about turning her book Dopesick into a television miniseries. In addition, Macy gives us a sneak peak at her newest project. It is called Raising Lazarus, and offers some solutions to the addiction epidemic.

Running with a purpose

Rickard races for awareness

Our second interview features Pam Rickard. Rickard’s drug of choice was not opioids, but the more socially acceptable alcohol. However, no matter what the drug, Pam will tell you, addiction is addiction, and it can be devastating. Now Pam is a recovering alcoholic and uses her passion for running to help other addicts.

It was her addiction and passion that led Pam to work with Herren Project. The non-profit is a national organization providing free resources and support for the treatment, recovery and prevention of substance use disorder. Former professional basketball player Chris Herren started the organization in 2011, three years into his recovery from addiction. Pam shares her journey on this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

The Herren Project

Herren Project is a national nonprofit organization providing free resources and support for the treatment, recovery and prevention of substance use disorder. Consequently, it offers treatment placement assistance, and long-term recovery support for individuals and families. In addition to those services, Herren Project provides online support groups, scholarships for treatment programs, recovery housing and recovery coaching.

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Beth Macy

Pam Rickard/The Herren Project

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