Season 2 Episode 7: Menopause,Your Questions Answered and World Champion Wakeboarder

wprld champion wakeboarder sisterhood of the second act
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Every woman goes through menopause, still there are plenty of questions that need to be answered. Tara Wickline-Stone is a Family Nurse Practitioner with LewisGale Physicians. She joins host Kathy Heberle to demystify the experience. At 48, Joy Manning is a 9-time World Champion wakeboarder. The Smith Mountain Lake resident plans to take home the title well into her fifties.


Menopause will come to every woman.  Knowing the facts and being proactive can help make it easier for you to face this change.  Family Nurse Practitioner Tara Wickline-Stone answers our questions.

Depending on your perspective menopause is either a welcome change or an end tinged with sadness.  And even though every woman goes through it, there are plenty of questions that need to be answered.

World Champion Wakeboarder

world champion wakeboarder sisterhood of the second act
Manning training on Smith Mountain Lake

During the week Joy Manning oversees construction projects…on the weekends she is a World Champion Wakeboarder.  In fact, the Smith Mountain Lake resident is a NINE-time world champion. This last championship was special in that she road the entire season in memory of mentors that have inspired her throughout her career in construction.

While she loves her job, Manning will tell you…she works all week so she can spend the weekend on the water. Wakeboarding is not something she has been doing her whole life, in fact she did not start the sport until she was in her 40s. She also had to overcome a fear that had prevented her from getting in the water.

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Sisterhood of the Second Act (SSA) is a production of New Moon Creative Media, LLC for the New Moon Network.  SSA is a lifestyle talk show for women entering a new phase of their lives.  These women may be changing careers or retirement might be on the horizon.  They may be caring for elderly parents while raising their own children or experiencing an empty nest for the first time in decades.  Whatever their situation, Sisterhood of the Second Act provides trustworthy information they can use to create a joyful, prosperous second act.

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