Episode 9: Plan for the end~Help for the grieving

funeral planning sisterhood of the second act
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No one wants to think about it but it really is an act of love. We’re talking about advance funeral planning. Host Kathy Heberle talks with Lorriane Cunningham about planning your end of life celebration.

Grief has been more apart of our lives during the pandemic. Living with and through grief, Kathy talks with grief counselor Amanda Stowers

funeral planning sisterhood of the second act

Funeral Planning

If you have ever had to plan a funeral then you know how difficult it can be. Whether the death is expected or sudden the lack of a plan can cause family arguments, and even when that does not happen, making arrangements at a time when grief clouds your senses is extremely difficult.

Over the course of her career Lorraine Cunningham has helped hundreds of families through all types of situations. in this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act, learn what you can do to make sure that the people left behind carry out yours or your loved ones’ wishes.

Grieving “process”

Most people have heard of the “seven stages of grief.” We grew up with that line of thinking. As it turns out the study of the grieving process has found that going through grief is not as linear as the “seven stages of grief” makes is seem. Amanda Stowers has always been fascinated by death, it was not a taboo subject in her house growing up and when a relative died it was openly discussed.

funeral planning sisterhood of the second act

Now Stowers is a bereavement coordinator with Good Samaritan Hospice. As she tells Kathy, grief is messy. It does not follow a straight line. Everyone handles it differently and there is really no right or wrong way to handle it.

In this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act, Stowers talks about when to seek help if your are grieving and where you can get it. She also tells you how you can help a loved one who may be having a difficult time

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Lorraine Cunningham


Oakeys Funeral Service

Amanda Stowers

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