Season 3 Episode 3: Fencing Doctor/Hot Rod B&B

hot rod sisterhood of the second act

Dr. Bonnie Hennig-Trestman is an internationally known educator on Huntington’s Disease.   Her hobby, fencing on the U.S. Veteran circuit, takes her all over the world too. Cheryl Bennett and her husband, Jeff, are offering visitors to the Roanoke Region a unique place to stay.  Their bed and breakfast offers breathtaking views and Guests enjoy a bit of their nostalgic West Virginia heritage, and a collection of cool Hot Rod cars.

Hennig-Trestman has earned spots on National Teams

Fencing at any age

Dr. Bonnie Hennig-Trestman was introduced to fencing during college. While she enjoyed the experience, school work and then her career kept her too busy to explore it. Fast forward a few decades later and she is traveling the world fencing on the Veterans Circuit.

Hennig-Trestman has represented the United States on several National teams and is an example that physical fitness and performing at a high level are available at any age. She talks with host Kathy Heberle about her career and what it takes to continue to compete on an international level.

Hot Rod B&B

Cheryl Bennett is a nurse by training and now a bed and breakfast owner by choice. Bennett is now in her second act co-owning Shirley’s Bed and Breakfast with her husband. Shirley’s is a vintage B & B.  The mountaintop getaway that pays tribute to their family’s heritage and sports a decorating influence from her husband’s award winning career.

hot rod sisterhood of the second act
Hot rods are a big draw to Shirley’s

Bennett dreamed up Shirley’s B&B. The home she and her husband, Jeff, built to raise their children, grew larger has their children grew up and moved out to start their own lives. Still the couple wanted to keep their beautiful mountain top log home. So Cheryl said let’s start a B&B.

The creation of the B&B not only pays homage to Jeff’s family it also allows him to bring his treasures from the garage into the home. He has decorate every possible place with his hot rod memorabilia, Bennett said. She then followed behind him and “softened” the classic car motif. The motif and the award winning hot rods Jeff shows visitors in his garage have become a big draw.

Meet Hennig-Trestman and Bennett in this edition of Sisterhood of the Second Act.

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Show Notes

Dr. Bonnie Hennig-Trestman

Shirley’s Bed and Breakfast

Kathy’s Wardrobe

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