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Santa Stories: How do you travel around the world in 24 hours?

Santa’s Sleigh This is the question everyone asks, how does Santa make it around the world in one day? Not just that, he makes thousands of stops along the way to unload... Read more »
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Santa Stories: Santa’s North Pole Bag

North Pole Bag Santa has a lot of tools which help him do his job. Some of them are in his North Pole Bag. These tools include keys to the North Pole... Read more »
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Santa Stories: Santa’s Favorite Cookie

Christmas Cookies Many families leave Christmas cookies for Santa. These sweet treats actually help sustain him throughout his journey. What he doesn’t eat he shares with the elves. If some remain they... Read more »
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Santa Stories: Santa’s North Pole Nap

It takes a lot of energy for Santa to make that speedy trip around the world on Christmas Eve. So a nap is always in order. It’s time to wake him up,... Read more »

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